How can I manage "My calendar"?

How can I open the calendar? What kind of events can you show me?

Go to "Rent out" and choose "Calendar". There's another option: go to "My listing" and click the link "Calendar" the desired property. 

The calendar is displayed:

1. Date.

2. Property info.

3. The cost and minimal staying term for each date.

4. The extra charge per guest (if it's specified).

5. Events:

– The booking from (green marker). This booking, which guests made by the way of They are filled in the calendar automatically (after prepayment).  If you cancel a booking on Sutochno, it's automatic delete from the calendar the same.

– The booking on the unavailability of sync (blue marker). You can tune sync on with other booking services or Channel Manager systems: staying or free date will automatically update on all resources. It's saved time and protected from overbooking (booking the same date).

– The staying dates, which you specified in the manual (grey marker).

To view the details of an event, click on its marker on the calendar.


How can I close the date on the calendar?

Go to the string of the desired property and click on the date, at which you want to close the property for the booking. You should fill the necessary dates and specify "Close" in the appeared window. And click "Save".

Click the calendar events and in the appeared windows "Open date" to delete the saved events and the date for booking. If you want change the term staying, you will specify the new dates and enter "Save".


How can I manage the staying cost in the calendar?

You can adjust the cost and minimal staying term any dates and also extra charge per guest. You should choose dates in the calendar and specify a price, staying term in appeared windows.

The cost a minimal staying term and extra charge you can set in the manual for any date. You should turn on "Price mode" the top of the page next to the field "Price per night", click "Add" and fill your pricing and terms for necessary dates. 


I've connected Channel Manager

You can view events in the calendar, but you can't edit staying and price in manual. You can make changes to your Channel Manager's account. 


You rent out hotel room / guesthouse / hostel

Set up the button in the top of the calendar page with "Specific property" on the necessary hotel. 

Hostel's calendar is viewed:

1. Date.

2. Type of room's name.

3. Quantity free rooms un the type on certain dates. You can fill the free number of rooms on each separate date in a specific term (in the second case, you should button "Choose a term".  The specified quantity of the available rooms will consider when will be booking.

If the type of room hasn't a free room on a certain date. In this case, red marker shows in the calendar (in the field with the type of room's name)