Search your housing

What is a search for your housing?

The guest can send not just housing booking request but also search for your housing. You can look through the list of such requests in your city and offer the rooms to the guests. The details are specified in such a request:

1. Dates of staying.

2. Necessary address and type of housing for the guest.

3. Quantity of guests.

4. An estimated cost of housing.

How do I make the offer of Seach your Housing?

Go to page "Search your Housing", choose the most suitable one and push "Make an offer". Choose the type of housing which you want to offer, notify the amount cost of housing and prepayment, push "Send".

If you want to make several offers for one request, go to tab "My offers" and push "Send more". You can send no more than 3 offers for one request.

I have offered my housing. What is further?

The guest will receive a notification message, that you have made the offer. If he wants to book your housing, he will put the deposit, and you will receive SMS-notification of a new booking. The housing will be reserved by the guest right after the prepayment and the dates of checking-in will be marked in the Calendar. There is no need to confirm the booking. The dates stay opened until putting the prepayment, and the guests can send to you their requests for this period.

Where can I see my offers for Search Requests?

Open the tab "My offers".

How do I can cancel the offer?

Go to "My offers", find out what you need, choose the number of your offers and further "Cancel".