The guest refuse to a housing. What can I to do?

If the guest canceled the booking in his Profile on we would put his prepayment (or the part of it) on your balance. The size of compensation depends on the date of rejection.

You get:

  • 100% of the deposit — if the guest gives up the account less than 7 days before checking in
  • 80% — in cases of referring more than 7 days before checking-in (20% go back to the Host)
  • 60% — when the booking is canceled more than 30 days before coming (40% go back to the Host)
  • 50% — in case of referring more than 60 days before checking-in (and 50% go to the Host)

All available funds on your balance can be spent on the arising of the positions of the listing or be moved from the website. However, that amount of withdrawal is available which is higher than the Award of

Sometimes it happens that the guest declared of checking-in after he noticed the conditions of housing didn't fit the listing information. In such cases we give back all the prepayment to the guest and the Host is fined up to 100% of the total cost of housing. Such situations we consider individually.