Policy of a correspondence on Sutochno.ru

1. All contact information is closed both guest's and yours. The contacts will become opened after your confirmation of booking and guest's making prepayment on Sutochno.ru

2. It is not allowed to show the phone number, e-mail or other contact information (Skype, Viber etc), payment information (cards' numbers, number of e-wallet etc) before the prepayment is made.

3. It is forbidden to call the guest to the offense the Rules of Rewriting, and to offer any alternative ways of booking which disturb the principles of Sutochno.ru.

4. Any links to other sources or incorrect comments to Sutochno.ru are not allowed in any moment both before and after the prepayment.

5. The information about Sutochno.ru compensation for the booking is to be kept confidential.

Please don't try to give and take contact information until putting the deposit. Please don't avoid the rules of rewriting — we take care of such cases and are able to cancel the booking. If defections from your side repeat several times we will:

– block your communication for 30 days;
– stop demonstration of your listing on Sutochno.ru and block your account.