Calendars' Synchronization

What with sources can I synchronize the Calendar of checking-in on

RealtyCalendar,, Airbnb, KVR.RU, Google-Calendar, Wubook, TravelLine, HomeAway,, the Calendar of your smartphone or any other device supporting the network iCal.

What will happen after the synchronization?

Checking dates will be automatically renewed in all connected calendars. You will not have to fill in each calendar separately.

How often the information in the Calendar of renewed?

Every 15 minutes.

How could I set up the synchronization?

For this, you need to edit the import and the export of data. The import – if you want to copies the dates from Calendars of other resources. The export – if you want to copy the dates from the Calendar of to another source.

1. The Import of data on

Each calendar on the other resource has its own unique link. Copy this link, go to My Objects, choose the menu “Edition” of the object you need, then “Synchronization of Calendar” – and paste the link to the field for the Import of data from the calendar on the other resource.

2. The Export of data from

All calendars on also have their unique links. Go to My Objects, choose the menu “Edition” of the object you need, then “Synchronization of Calendar” – and copy the link to Export of data. Enter this link to the calendar on another resource and it will use it to copy the information from the Calendar on

The synchronization with Airbnb

1. Go to Airbnb to the section “Take in guests” and choose the “Calendar”.

2. Choose the “Accessibility settings” – “Synchronize calendars”.

3. To import the link from push “Import the Calendar”. To export the data from Airbnb to push “Export the Calendar”.

The synchronization with

1. Go to

2. Choose “Base rate and rooms availability” – “Calendar”.

3. Choose the “Synchronize calendars”.

4. Copy the link from “Step 1: Export the Calendar” and paste it on

5. In the article “Step 2: Import the other calendars” paste the link from and save changes.

The synchronization with Google-Calendar

1. Go to Google-Calendar, choose «Other Calendars».

2. Push the Menu indicator and choose “Add by URL”.

3. Paste the link from

4. To import the data on go to Google-Calendar push the Menu indicator next to the needed Calendar and choose “Calendar’s edition”.

5. Go to the article “The Address of Calendar” and choose ICAL.

6. Copy the link and paste it on

The synchronization with RealtyCalendar

1. Go to RealtyCalendar in section Channel manager.

2. Choose “Add” next to the object you need and paste the link from

3. Copy the link for the export from and paste it on