Top-Priority Listing

What does the "Top-Priority Listing" mean?

Just link to the service "Top-Priority Listing", attract more guests and increase the number of bookings:

1. It lets you lift off your advertisement to any place in research.

2. Your announcement will be shown in the competition's advertisement - in the block "See also".

3. Moderation of your announcement will be made faster. Push the service "Top-Priority Listing" on the page My objects or Item management.

How are the positions of priority advertisements presented?

If the announcement has the link to the service "Top-Priority Listing" it will be ranked higher than free ones. If the advertisement has more priorities, it will be ranked higher among other priority ones. If two or several announcements have the same number of Priorities, the one with Priorities enabled earlier will be ranked higher.

The more Priorities you have, the higher place of advertisement in research you have. You can push the Priorities and manage the positions of advertisements on page Item management.

How much does the "Top-Priority Listing" cost and how are the account cash debited?

When you link to the service, you pay 10 rubles and get 1 Priority. You can change the number of Priorities and the position of the advertisement any time! The cost of 1 Priority is 10 rubles a day. The daily fee for the service is deducted from the balance at 00:00 by Moscow time in accordance with the total number of your Priorities. If there isn't enough money on your account balance by the regular payment time the service will be automatically taken out. To have your announcements on the top, just fill in your account in time.

On what period of time the Priorities are saved?

The number of Priorities stays the same till you change it by yourself and till your account has enough money or till you take out of the service "Top-Priority Listing".

When can you change the quantity of Priorities?

It is possible to do any moment! You can also choose the time of activation of the new numbers of Priorities:

– at once;
– from 00:00 of the next day (Moscow time).