What are the Guarantees of Sutochno.ru?

You make a reservation with pre-payment on Sutochno.ru and we guarantee a successful checking in to you. It is comfortable and reliable: the deposit is taken by bona fide holders. Rigging isn't possible as the money goes to the Owner just after your checking in.

If you made a reservation and put the money on our web-site:

1. We control all the conditions of your booking to be saved:

– the Owner gives you right that apartment you have chosen;
– the cost and duration of stay shouldn't be changed.

The Owner is interested in keeping all the conditions of booking. In the other case he will be fined.

2. You receive 24-hour supporting from Sutochno.ru.

In any disputable situation you can call us for help.

3. You don't pay spare money. Sutochno.ru doesn't take the commission for booking.

You pay only for accommodation; the price is set up by the Owner himself.