Property Types


It's full rented out with all rooms and kitchen.

House, cottage, guesthouse, villa

It's full rented out with all facilities. There is a yard with additional services: parking lot, porch, pool and etc.


It's an own room is rented for an apartment or house. The kitchen and bathroom are common.


The room doesn't have partitions between the kitchen and living room (room).


The apartment with an unusual design. Without inner walls and partitions. 


A large apartment on the floor.


A cheap hotel is rentes for beds. There are some beds and bedsides in every room. In such a room can at the same time live up to 12-20 people. 


The property facility with a certain number of rooms and feature set (food and beverage, cleaning, transfer services and etc.).


The hotel has a few rooms (till 20), cozy and quiet area. There can be a common kitchen in the mini-hotel. But someone is provided a food service.


It's usually two- or three-story building with some room. The term housing is closed to homelife.


The hotel is provided an apartment with bathroom and kitchen. There are reception and cleaning service in the apart-hotel. Also, there is a service food.

Health retreat

The center is provided which is not only a living but medical and preventive procedures. It's can be located in the resort or just in places with favorable conditions for recreation and recovery. 


The property facility for a good rest and health promotion. Usually, it's in a resort is in a quiet area with beautiful nature and clean air.


The recreation facility is provided a housing and opportunities for sports and other activities.

Capsule hotel

Rooms are provided a small bedchamber. They are located in each other. Also, as the hotel has a separate place for luggage storage, shared toilet, bathroom on the floors. 


The small house consists of one and a few floors by the sea. It's full rented out with own kitchen and bathroom.


The cozy wood building consists of od 1-2 floor with a sloping roof. In the first floor can be built of stone or brick.


The low-rise building with several isolated apartments. All of them have their own entrance, yard area. and sometimes a garage. 


It's one-story house often with a flat roof and extensive porch.