How do I put the prepayment?

1. Go to the section "Messages" or "My Bookings".

2. Choose the booking you need and push "Make a prepayment".

3. If there is enough money on your balance, the prepayment will be transferred. If there isn't, fill in your balance on (you can do it with help of the bank card Visa, MasterCard or Mir).

Attention, please: you can put the prepayment only if host confirmed the booking and specified the amount of prepayment.

Paying for bonuses

There is a proposition "Invite a friend " of You can get bonuses and use for a making prepayment by them. The gift bonus received for a proposition "Invite a friend" and other ones of We can pay no more 10% of a housing cost by them.

Payments Security

All the payments through are safety. We fix only the fact of the perfect payments. We don't see your passwords or sensitive information.