Listing Publication

1. General Provisions


1.1. The available information 

On can be placed of the listings a short-term rent of housing facilities. The listings long-term rent of housing facilities as well as other services and goods are not taken.

1.2. The accuracy information

Information and photo were placed in the listing shall be obliged the actual status of housing, its location and the terms of the lease.

1.3. One property is a listing

Сan makes the only listing for every housing facilities. A copies listing are not allowed.

Need to choose the listing appropriate a type housing of the terms of the lease: apartment, room, house/cottage, bed for everyone. It is prohibited placement some listings about the same things object but pointing out other types of housing.

If housing is rented out on different conditions, you’ll need place a listing in the section which is in line with the greatest area of housing.

For instance, if you rent housing as a whole and on the rooms, you’ll need place a listing in the section “Apartment” and the information about additional terms of the lease put under “An Additional Information” and “The notice of cost”.

2. Property description

All the section a listing shall be put to pursuant in its name and destination.

In the description object are not allowed:

– contact information (phone, email, Skype, ICQ, addresses of other sites, bank details, invoices, and other payment information);

– a coping of information in different fields;

– a coarse language;

– a text with the messy symbol sets and/or without punctuation marks, spaces;

– a using of capital letters in a text;

– a text with a large number of the keyword, using for promoting in search engines.

3. Property location and its address 

Need post necessary fields in the entry of information about the location: “The type of street”, “The street naming”, “A house number”.

If the object is outside the city and don’t have the exact address, you shall be choose an appropriate the type of locality in the field “The type of street”, in the field “The location of object” point out “Countryside” and in the field “Locality” type the text that you want. In the field “The street naming” and “A house number” can be left a dash.

In the field “Address”, you can point out only one address. If a house is double-address(is located on the crossing), you’ll point out in the section “An additional information” the second address.

The information about the address of the object is forbidden. If you make a mistake in the filling, you’ll need contact with the Support Service of and provide the documentation which indicated the actual location of housing.

Need to make a new listing about other an object for the posting.

4. Rental cost

For the posting about the cost of renting should be:

– choose a minimum period of the residence;

– input the information about cost.

The cost of renting shall comply to wage charged for the housing rental. The information about cost is posting appropriate the form of payment “per person” is not allowed. The exception is posted listings with a type of housing “bed of every”.

The extra charge for the additional guest is specified in "Co-pay per guest", season price a day each week in "Season price" (total cost for exact dates), offer a discount in "Discount price". The deposit and cleaning service are in according field. The other information, which is affected on the cost you can fill in "Note to cost".

5. Download a photo

In the picture shall be reflected the actual state of rental housing. You need that the photo quality is allowed to be considered in detail the offered object.

The minimum resolution of photo - 900*900 pixels. In a listing can be posted from 3 to 50 of a photo. The photos of facades buildings and outdoors territory are allowed by the publication only if there is a photo of an interior.

Not be allowed:

– photos with frames, labels, addresses of other sites and contact information;

– photos are not relevant to the rented object; low-quality photos;

– collages (a few photos in the same).

The listing not can be posted without a photo.

6. Download a video

There is a 500 MB limit profile. The following formats are supported: MPG, AVI, MP4.

Not be allowed: 

– any info contact;

– not related video;

– some property on the same photo;

– video with an offensive content;

– audio distribution with info, it's against Policy;

– a low-quality photo.

We had established listed rules that User’s site (such as your clients) easy and fast can find availability of suitable housing alternative.

In the instance of continued violations these rules, your listing can be blocked.

Also, we’ll wish to comment that we correct a few mistakes in a listing, saving your time. Although, if mistakes are serious and we can’t correct it ourselves. The listing is refuse and a User gets of recommendation for the correcting.