Synchronization with Channel Manager

What's Channel Manager?

Channel Manager is a management system of the sales channel. It's automatically provided to update prices and availability calendar in several services (rent out your housing). You can save money and avoid an overbooking (it's booking on the same date).

What is Channel Manager available for synchronization with


How can I set up synchronization?

Go to the article "My object" and choose "Edition" of the object you need then "Calendar' Synchronization". From the window that appears click on "Channel Manager" and choose which you want to set up synchronization by them. Copy a key and retain it in Channel Manager of your account.

How can I disconnect synchronization? 

Go to the Channel Manager of your account and turn off synchronization. Also, you can disconnect with the help of a Support Service in your Channel Manager. 

What is date synchronization?

For hotel (type rooms):

– free and booked date in a calendar; 
– number of free rooms;
– prices, such season ones;

For objects, which are not hostels (apartments, cottages):

– free and booked date in a calendar;
– prices, such season ones.

Synchronization way with Channel Manager:

1. Synchronization one object and type rooms in the hotel.

2. Synchronization all type rooms in the hotel.

Features with Channel Manager

1. You can only connect one Channel Manager to one object (or to one type rooms in the hotel) at the same time.

2. If you want to change the number of free rooms in your hotel, go to the connected Account Channel Manager and update information.