Booking confirmation and cancellation of requests

What will happen after the booking confirmation?

1. Your guest will receive the booking confirmation message.

2. The chosen dates of housing will be automatically noted in the Calendar of check-in. At this time the dates in the Calendar will close only after putting the deposit. They stay free until the guest makes the payment. The other users can send the requests on these dates to you.

3. The guest will see the amount of the deposit that you've mentioned and will transfer it (the money will come to your balance on the next day after checking in). You will receive a leftover amount in the moment of checking in.

What will happen after refusing the request?

The guest will receive the message about a cancellation, and the dates in the Calendar will stay free.

What will be if I won't be on schedule in reducing the request?

You need to make a decision about the booking for 24 hours from receiving a request. The deadline is specified in each request that you receive.

If you don't make a decision in time, the request will be canceled.