The Instant Book

What is Instant Booking?

The guest can reserve the housing fast with help of not waiting for your confirmation of booking. The user doesn't have to specify check-in of housing or other details.

It works in such a way: a guest makes the booking request, makes the prepayment within an hour and the room is thought to be reserved.

You don't have to confirm the booking, it works automatically. After guest's prepayment, you will see his phone number, and occupied dates will be noted in the Calendar (till the guest transfers the money other users can also send their booking requests on these dates to you). If the guest doesn't make the prepayment in time during an hour his request is removed.

Activation of the Instant Book

1. Read the next article of Support and go through a little test of knowing the rules of the Instant Book.
2. After finishing the test you will be able to push the Instant Booking to your listings. Just go to "My listings", find the block with the number of your objects with the Instant Book under the menu on the left and push "Edition".

Choose the objects in the list which you want to be activated with the Instant Booking.

Rising positions of the listings after connection with the Instant Book. If you attached the Instant Book to the object which doesn't have "Top-Priority Listing", this object will be higher in research than free ones.

Automatic deactivation of the Instant Book

The Instant Book to be automatically deactivated if:

1. The listing was sent to the archives. You should again activate the Instant Book of continuation a publication.

2. You didn’t enter in the Your Account on for 30 days. If you have enabled calendar sync with other websites the Instant Book won't turn off.

Your privileges by the Instant Book

1. Your listing rises in the search. If the guest pointed out exact dates of the check-in and -out, one sees vacant objects with the possibility of the Instant Book.

2. We’ll recommend your housing by for guest. If you activate Instant Book, we’ll offer our object for guests, leaving in your city. Notification about a new booking will arrive if a guest makes a prepayment. That feature is called “Seach your housing”, refer to here.

How do I know if my object was an Instant Book?

Once the guest books your housing and makes a prepayment you’ll receive SMS and e-mail confirmation. Reserved dates will be noted in the Calendar.

How can I define an account of prepayment Instant Book?

- If you work as a natural person. The deposit consists of 15% of the total cost housing.

- If you work as a legal person or FB. The deposit is the average cost per day of housing the booking or 15% of total cost housing (the higher of the amounts). If you want to work as a legal person or FB you should sign the contract with us. You can ask Support Service.

In any case, you can't change the cost of housing and the amount paid the Instant Book. The account is automatically calculated on the basis of the information which you have specified in the listing.

What should I do in the event of a dispute with the guest who booked my housing instantly?

Contact us in 24 hours and we’ll make the best to solve the problem but only in case of the event happens after the payment.

Recommendations for turning on the Instant Book

1. Keep tabs on the actuality of the availability calendar. All free dates in your calendar are supposed to be available for the Instant Booking. The guest can book your housing for these dates without your confirmation. If you cancel such booking you will be fined according to the Rules of Booking on

2. If you’re uncomfortable with the manual filling of the Calendar and you rent out the housing on other websites then set up the calendar sync.

3. Check the prices in your listing carefully as they are given to the clients automatically. The information on how to put the prices in listings rightly can be found in the Detailed Instruction with Examples.

4. Before pushing the Instant Booking to check the section "The Maximum Number of Guests" in your listing. The guest will be able to make the Instant Book for that numbers of people you have specified, but not more.