Why is it worth to take the prepayment with help of Sutochno.ru?

1. It guarantees the guest's coming.

2. You set up the amount of prepayment by yourself if rent out housing as a legal person or FB. Read more

3. The deposit goes right to your account. You can upgrade the positions of your listing or transfer the cash to your card*.

4. Even if the guest doesn't come or gives up on booking, you will receive the compensation.

5. Your housing won't be empty. If the guest goes back of checking in you will know it beforehand.

6. The guest can leave a good comment about your housing. It will let you get more new guests.

*For hosts are persons natural, the prepayment consists of 15% of the total cost of housing. If you cooperate with Sutochno.ru as a legal person or FB you can set the prepayment from 15% to 100% of the total cost of housing. If you want to work as a legal person or FB you should sign the contract with us. You can ask the Support Service.  

Sutochno.ru Bonuses is taken out from the for made by guest prepayment for booking. The compensation to Sutochno.ru is taken from the guest booking prepayment. Sutocho.ru will recompense this sum to Bonus Account in the Host's Account. The bonuses can be used in pushing the service "Top-priority Listing".

The funds which were put by the guest goes to your balance in your Personal Account the next day after the guest's checking-in. Compensation to Sutochno.ru is recompensed to the Bonus account (you can spend this money on "Top-priority Listing"), other money goes to the prepayment account (you can take it from the website or spend on "Top-priority Listing").