Hot Offer

What is Hot Offer?

If you need to rent out the housing immediately and check in the guest right now use the option "Hot Offer". It works in such a way: you specify the amount of discount for the next day, active period and conditions if your offer.

Your listing goes to the section "Hot Offers" and is pointed by a special icon in research.

You can use the option "Hot Offer" for any of your listing for free. You also can turn off it at any time.

Remember that you don't need to confirm such "Hot Offer" bookings. The guest sees your offer, puts the deposit (15% of total amount) and the housing will be booking at once.

Making your offer “Hot”

1. Go to "My objects".

2. Push the button "Create Hot Offer" next to the required listing.

3. Identify the active period of time of this offer. Specify the amount of discount on the first day (from 5% to 80%). You should also denote all the details of given discount: time of checking in (from a current time to 6 a.m. of the next day), a minimal quantity of nights (from 1 to 3) and the highest number of guests.

4. Push the button "Create Hot Offer". Your listing will take place on the list of hot ones:
– it will have a special icon in research;
– it will have a net price;
– the guest will be able to find your Hot Offer using a special filter.

Until when can “Hot offer” will be active?

It will be available till that time you have chosen while pushing the option (from current time to 6 a.m. of the next day), or till the appearance of the checking sign in the calendar for the chosen period.

What discount should be made and how long does it work?

The minimal size for the first 24-hour period — 5%, the maximal — 80%. The discount is active only for a day. Other days have regular prices.

How do I make a change to the conditions of the Hot offer or cancel it?

Go to "My objects", find the sign "Hot Offer" next to the listing and push "Edition".